Bruins Football

Volunteering Opportunities

Brentwood Bruins Football loves its volunteers!  The only way our program can be successful is with the help of our 12th Man Club members.  We have volunteer opportunities throughout the year so there is something that will fit everyone's schedule. Please take a look at the committees below and think about how you would like to take part.  It is a great way to meet other parents and support your player.  If you would like to volunteer for a committee, please email the 12th Man Club President, Carrie Giffen at carrievingelen@gmail.com.  Go Bruins!

CommitteeChair/VolunteerPlayer's NameClass
FRIDAY NIGHTS - Football Season
TailgatingCatherine DonelsonDurham Donelson2024
TailgatingLowrie WebberGrant Webber2026
TailgatingHalie FisherKeenan Fisher2026
TailgatingKatie CarlsonZane Calson2026
TailgatingEllen RobertsJude Roberts2026
TailgatingKristen WhelchelJackson Whelchel2024
TailgatingKim EngelhardtLiam Engelhardt2026
TailgatingMark SpenderPearson Spender2024
TailgatingStacie KinderCanon Kinder2025
TailgatingSherri ArenaAlex Arena2025
TailgatingMark HayesIsaac Hayes2024
TailgatingKara HoustonDavid Houston2025
TailgatingRachel Allen & Wyatt AllenJackson Allen2026
TailgatingMallory WoodsJud Woods2026
TailgatingSusan Kelly2026
Player Meals - Varsity (away games only)CHAIR - Open
Player Meals - Varsity (away games only)Senior Rep - Stephanie Rogers
Player Meals - Varsity (away games only)Junior Rep - Open
Player Meals - Varsity (away games only)Ginger BaldwinJones Baldwin2025
Player Meals - Varsity (away games only)Natasha GreenKyler Green2023
Player Meals - Varsity (away games only)Erika HaysGeorge Hays2025
Player Meals - Varsity (away games only)Carrie BallMason Ball2025
Player Meals - Varsity (away games only)Tara SilvestriJohnny Silvestri2025
Player Meals - Varsity (away games only)Stacie KinderCanon Kinder2025
Player Meals - Varsity (away games only)Brandon BoylanChase Boylan2025
Player Meals - Varsity (away games only)James OsbornJames Osborn2025
Player Meals - Varsity (away games only)Kristin MerrillClayton Merrill2025
StatsTroy Fontechia (Chair)Adam Fontechia2023
StatsSteve GawrysJT Gawrys2024
StatsRyan StaggsChristian Staggs2023
StatsJohn OrumJB Orum; Miller Orum2022; 2024
StatsNatasha GreenKyler Green2023
Chain Gang/Bruin Den LogisticsKeith SpiveyKeith Spivey; Kevin Spivey2022; 2025
Chain Gang/Bruin Den LogisticsShawn HumphreyJake Humphrey2025
Chain Gang/Bruin Den LogisticsBen DixonNoah Dixon2023
Chain Gang/Bruin Den LogisticsCal Couch
Chain Gang/Bruin Den LogisticsLaura & Ed StanworthAlumni Parents
Chain Gang/Bruin Den LogisticsJoe AdamsSeth Adams2024
Ball BoyBrian VingelenJackson Vingelen2023
Road CrewJim BarkerRyan Barker2024
Road CrewPhil LedbetterMicah Ledbetter2023
Road CrewBen DixonNoah Dixon2023
Road CrewJames KellyEli Kelly2026
Photographer for Games / Events (Varsity)Ryan GivensN/A
Photographer - Parent VolunteerKathleen LynnConnor Lynn2024
Photographer - Parent VolunteerTheresa PayneKekoa & Makai Payne2026; 2023
PAEddie Chaffin
MONDAY NIGHTS - Football Season
Player Meals - Freshman & JV (home & away games)Chair - Open
Player Meals - Freshman & JV (home & away games)JV Team Rep - Open - Perhaps from Varsity Volunteers above once JV squad is known
Player Meals - Freshman & JV (home & away games)Susan Kelly2026
Player Meals - Freshman & JV (home & away games)Mallory WoodsJud Woods2026
Player Meals - Freshman & JV (home & away games)Jennifer FerrisGeoffrey Ferris2026
Player Meals - Freshman & JV (home & away games)Anna SmithEverett Smith2026
Player Meals - Freshman & JV (home & away games)Candace LaughlinSam Laughlin2026
Player Meals - Freshman & JV (home & away games)Courtney LankfordBarron Lankford2026
Freshman Chain Gang CrewLowrie WebberGrant Webber2026
Freshman Chain Gang CrewRachel AllenJackson Allen2026
Freshman Chain Gang CrewWyatt AllenJackson Allen2026
Freshman Chain Gang CrewOpen
JV Chain Gang Crew (Sophomore Parent)Shawn HumphreyJake Humphrey2025
Don RayMason Ray2025
Dave BallMason Ball2025
Photographer for Games (JV)Open
Photographer for Games / Events (Freshman)Open
PAMesa Carlson2026
SponsorshipsJennifer McMillan (Chair)Ryan McMillan2024
SponsorshipsStephanie RogersDylan Rogers2023
SponsorshipsJessica SutherlandMacager Sutherland2026
SponsorshipsMesa CarlsonZane Carlson2026
SponsorshipsKristin SpenderPearson Spender2024
SponsorshipsTodd SpillaneBrodie Spillane2024
SponsorshipsShawn HumphreyJake Humphrey2025
Merchandise / Bruin DenJackie FontechiaAdam Fontechia2023
Merchandise / Bruin DenAnissa Adams (Co-Chair)Seth Adams2024
Merchandise / Bruin DenCandice LaughlinSam Laughlin2026
Merchandise / Bruin DenTeresa PayneKekoa & Makai Payne2026; 2023
Merchandise / Bruin DenBrandon BoylanChase Boylan2025
Merchandise / Bruin DenJames OsbornJames Osborn2025
Merchandise / Bruin DenValrian JacksonDylan Jackson2026
Merchandise / Bruin DenCatherine LaneClayton Lane2026
Merchandise / Bruin DenKaren CarrollJohn Carroll2024
Merchandise / Bruin DenMark HayesIsaac Hayes2024
Merchandise / Bruin DenSherri ArenaAlex Arena2025
Merchandise / Bruin DenKara HoustonDavid Houston2025
Merchandise / Bruin DenCourtney LankfordBarron Lankford2026
Merchandise/ Website StoreOpen
MembershipSonia RomeroChandler Romero2025
Brandon BoylanChase Boylan2025
Membership ApparelBrandon BoylanChase Boylan2025
James OsbornJames Osborn2025
Mark HayesMark Hayes2024
Yard Signs/Window Decals/Player PhotosAndrea HassenpflugDevin Hassenpflug2025
Yard Signs/Window Decals/Player PhotosRyan Leigh CochranDaniel Cochran2024
Yard Signs/Window Decals/Player PhotosStephanie RogersDylan Rogers2023
Yard Signs/Window Decals/Player PhotosLindsay BeasleyLuke Beasley2026
Yard Signs/Window Decals/Player PhotosTheresa PayneKekoa & Makai Payne2023; 2026
Yard Signs/Window Decals/Player PhotosJennifer FerrisGeoffrey Ferris2026
Yard Signs/Window Decals/Player PhotosCourtney LankfordBarron Lankford2026
Yard Signs/Window Decals/Player PhotosBrandon BoylanChase Boylan2025
Yard Signs/Window Decals/Player PhotosCatherine LaneClayton Lane2026
Yard Signs/Window Decals/Player PhotosMallory WoodsJud Woods2026
Banquet (Varsity)Shannon DorrisTrey Dorris2024
Banquet (Varsity)Natasha GreenKyler Green2023
Banquet (Varsity)Ryan Leigh CochranDaniel Cochran2024
Banquet (Varsity)Rachel DelligattiLuke Delligatti2025
Banquet (Varsity)Christy StaggsChristian Staggs2023
Banquet (Varsity)Brandon BoylanChase Boylan2025
Banquet (Varsity)Kristen WhelchelJackson Whelchel2024
Banquet (Varsity)Stephanie Rogers - SupportDylan Rogers2023
Banquet (Freshman)Chair - Open (Sophomore Parent)
Banquet (Freshman)Farrah MaltzHarrison Maltz2026
Banquet (Freshman)Rachel AllenJackson Allen2026
Banquet (Freshman)Mallory WoodsJud Woods2026
Banquet (Freshman)Wyatt AllenJackson Allen2026
Banquet (Freshman)Courtney LankfordBarron Lankford2026
Banquet (Freshman)Anna SmithEverett Smith2026
Golf TournamentChad Baldwin (Chair)2025
Golf TournamentJennifer McMillan (Co-Chair)2024
Golf TournamentChristie Staggs (Senior Rep)Christian Staggs2023
Golf TournamentMark Hayes (Junior Rep)Isaac Hayes2024
Golf TournamentOpen - Sophomore Rep
Golf TournamentFreshman Rep - Lindsay BeasleyLuke Beasley2026
Golf TournamentTheresa PayneKekoa & Makai Payne2023
Goodwill DriveCandace LaughlinSam Laughlin2026
Goodwill DriveRachel AllenJackson Allen2026
Goodwill DriveAnna SmithEverett Smith2026
Homecoming / Float (Varsity)Stephanie RogersDylan Rogers2023
Homecoming / Float (Varsity)Christy StaggsChristian Staggs2023
Homecoming / Float (Varsity)Shawn HumpfreyJake Humphrey2025
Homecoming / Float (Varsity)Allison DixonNoah Dixon2023
Homecoming /Float (Freshman)Ellen RobertsJude Roberts2026
Homecoming /Float (Freshman)Courtney LankfordBarron Lankford2026
Homecoming /Float (Freshman)Catherine LaneCatherine Lane2026
Homecoming /Float (Freshman)Rachel AllenJackson Allen2026
Blue / Gold GameCarrie Giffen (Chair)Jackson Vingelen2023
Blue / Gold GameOpen - Co-Chair
Blue / Gold GameOpen
Media DayMelissa Orum (Chair)Miller Orum2024
Media DayOpen - Senior Rep
Media DayOpen - Junior Rep
Media DayOpen - Sophomore Rep
Media DayOpen - Freshman Rep
Media DayOpen -
Media DayOpen
Media GuideMelissa Orum (Chair)JB Orum; Miller Orum2022; 2024
Mama Bear CampAllison RostonSam Roston2025
Mama Bear CampStephanie ScottJackson Scott2025
Mama Bear CampStephanie RogersDylan Rogers2023
Mama Bear CampChristy StaggsChristian Staggs2023
Mama Bear CampTheresa PayneKekoa Payne, Makai2026; 2023
Mama Bear CampStacie KinderCanon Kinder2025
Mama Bear CampKristen WhelchelJackson Whelchel2024
Mama Bear CampKaren CarrollJohn Carroll2024
Outside the Lines / Father-Son EventMichael OreficeMax Orefice2024
Outside the Lines / Father-Son EventShawn HumphreyJake Humphrey2025
Outside the Lines / Father-Son EventRachel DelligattiLuke Delligattie2025
Outside the Lines / Father-Son EventMark HayesIsaac Hayes2024
Card Sales - FundraiserCoach Finch / Carrie Giffen
Sponsor Me For A Day - FundraiserCarrie GiffenJackson Vingelen2023
Senior Player and Mother BanquetRachel DelligattiLuke Delligatti2025
Executive Board Positions
Vice PresidentAlan Wenk2026
Open - Incoming for 2023
Website CoordinatorAmy BrothersMark Brothers2023
Open - Incoming for 2023
CommunicationsStephanie RogersDylan2023
Open - Incoming for 2023
Financials / TreasurerTerry WhiteDavis White2022
Social MediaNatasha GreenKyler Green2023
Social MediaMallory WoodsJud Woods2026
Social MediaTara SilvestriJohnny Silvestri2024
Miscellaneous (New Committees)
Pre-Season Work DayOpen
Open - Freshman Parent
Football Camp (3 Days in Summer)Carrie Giffen / Coach Finch
Alumni Event - 40th Anniversary BBQAmy Brothers - Chair
Stacie Kinder - Sophomore Rep/Co Chair?
Open - Junior Rep
Open - Sophomore Rep
Open - Freshman Rep
Concessions for Winter SportsOpen
Long-Term Capital ImprovementChair - Open
Carrie Giffen2023
Brian Merrill2025
Andrew LynnConnor Lynn2025
Shawn Humphrey2025
Mike OreficeMax Orefice2025
Terry White2026
Appreciation CommitteeChair - Open
Allison DixonNoah2023
Catherine Donelson2024
Open - Sophomore Rep
Open - Freshman Rep