Partners – We Appreciate You!

Bruins Football

Our Partners

There are many people to recognize for their work in making Brentwood football games a memorable, safe and enjoyable experience.  We want to thank those people who we think of as partners.  They are all part of the Brentwood football family!

BHS TV & Film Department

The Brentwood High School TV and Film Department is such an asset to the Brentwood Football program as well as to the whole school.  Under the leadership of Mr. Ronnie Adcock, students use multiple cameras and drones to record Bruins football games.  The WBHS football crew and TV and Film students receive annual awards from the Tennessee High School Press Association for their football coverage, videos and sports shows.  We thank Mr. Adcock and his students for their contributions to Bruins Football!

Brentwood Cheerleaders

The Brentwood Football Cheerleaders add to the excitement and team spirit of each game with their impressive athleticism.  They travel to away games to bring that same spirit to the sidelines everywhere our team goes.  The cheerleaders encourage our players with signs, decorations and candy during the season which is going above and beyond what is expected of them.  We thank them for all of the ways they represent our school with excellence and they way they support our football team. Go Bruins!

BHS Marching Band and Color Guard

A football game at James C. Parker Stadium would not feel like a football game without the thrilling sounds of the Brentwood Marching Band.  The band keeps the crowd motivated during the games, leads the team to the stadium during the Bruin Walk and entertains the spectators with their award-winning halftime performances.  The beauty of the Color Guard performing under the stadium lights along with the Marching Band completes the experience.  Thank you to our high-profile, nationally recognized, widely-traveled ensemble that enjoys a reputation for musical excellence aesthetically complemented by vivid visual images and movement reflecting the mood and character of the music performed in their competition program each fall.

BHS Chorus and Brentwood Bruinettes

Our home games allow us to enjoy performances by our talented BHS Chorus and the fabulous Brentwood Bruinettes Dance Team.  Before each home game, members of the chorus lead the crowd in singing the National Anthem.  The Bruinnettes display their dancing abilities during their pre-game and half-time performances.  There is nothing like a Brentwood football game on our home field and the Bruinnettes and Choir are two of the highlights!

Williamson Medical Center

Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee

Dr. Scott Arthur, M.D.

Scott Arthur, M.D., is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine and treatment of the knee, shoulder and elbow.  He has a particular specialty in ACL and meniscus repair, rotator cuff and labral repair, patellar dislocations, total knee replacements and tendinitis.  Dr. Arthur is currently the team physician for Brentwood High School.  Dr. Arthur cares for our athletes with the help of our Athletic Trainer Kelly Stephens who is employed by Williamson Medical Center with the Bone and Joint Institute.  They also give our student trainers an opportunity to learn about what it takes to work in this field. We are grateful for their care!

Mathews Team Sports & adidas

Mathews Team Sports is our partner for equipping our athletes with adidas team branded apparel.  Mathews' commitment to partnership extends well beyond athletic apparel which is clear with a second term seven-year partnership with the Williamson County school district. Whether that means screen-printing championship t-shirts on a Saturday morning or driving to Illinois to pick up reconditioned helmets, they pride themselves on offering as much support as humanly possible.

Matthew Diggs Photography

Our official team photographer for 2023 is Matthew Diggs. His photos are capturing the action and excitement of our amazing football season!

Williamson County Sports Conference

The Williamson County Sports Conference has the motto "One Conference One Goal".  They support and promote the athletic programs of all of the high schools in our county.  Each year they bring their WCS Gameday show to the "Battle of the Woods" to highlight one of the most exciting rivalry games in the state - the Brentwood Bruins vs the Ravenwood Raptors!  The Willco Awards Ceremony is another annual event hosted by the Williamson County Sports Conference.  At this event outstanding athletes in all sports in the county are recognized.  We thank them for all of the ways they support Brentwood Football!


Last but not least, we must give credit to the energy of the Brentwood student section and how it impacts every game!  Our team appreciates the support of the fans.  From the dress up themes for each game to the cheering in the stands and running the flags on the sidelines, the students are a part of the game.  Go Bruins!!