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Carrie Giffen





  • Husband: Greg Giffen; Children: Jackson Vingelen (18), Luke Vingelen (12)
  • Favorite thing about Brentwood Football: Being a valuable football team player goes far beyond just the actual game. It is the camaraderie between the players, coaches and families that make Brentwood Football a program that stands out from all others. We are truly a Family both on and off the field. A Family that will be there to support each other in good times and lift each other up in trying times. We are committed to nurturing and educating the whole player both inside and outside of the classroom. Brentwood Football instills Integrity, Brotherhood, Pride and Compassion in our players that they will then use to pay it forward as they go out into the world. Each day I continue to draw on lessons I have learned and to benefit from relationships I have made by being a part of this wonderful Program.
  • Special memory: My favorite memory of Brentwood Football would have to be the “Parade to State Finals”. To see how our student body, families and community came together to support our players and coaches as they left for Cookeville was mesmerizing. I still get tears in my eyes when I talk about it. There are no words to describe the love that was shown to our Program that day. From the Brentwood Fire Trucks and Police cruisers that led the parade to the thousands of friends, families, and fans that lined the sidewalks. To have the support of our Brentwood community meant everything to our players and coaches. Regardless of the outcome of the State Championship, we were already winners.
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