Gabe Evans

Gabe Evans

Coaching Career

12 Years

Years at BHS

Entering 10th Season


Offensive Line


Schools Served:

  • Brentwood High School (2013-Present)
  • Antioch High School (2 Years)

Alumni: Maryville College

Played Football/Position: Maryville College —Offensive Line

Family: Wife Catherine; Children: Harper (4), Henry (2) and Hudson (2)

Hobbies: Golf; Time with Family and Friends


  • “Make it count.” – Dad
  • “Pressure is what you feel when you don’t know what you are doing.” – Chuck Noll

Interesting Facts:

  • Enjoy serving as the recruiting coordinator for our football program.
  • I can braid my daughter’s hair 3 different ways even though I don’t have hair myself.