Michael Kane

Michael Kane

Coaching Career

12 Years

Years at BHS

Entering 4th Season


Defensive Coordinator/Safeties


Schools Served:

  • Brentwood High School (2017-Present)
  • Malvern High School, OH (2 Years)
  • Louisville High School, OH (7 Years)

Alumni: West Liberty University (WV)

Family: Wife Carli; Daughter: EmmaLu born in November, 2021

Hobbies: Reading, Working Out, Traveling


  • Theodore Roosevelt’s “Man in the Arena”

Interesting Facts:

  • I played at the Pro Football Hall of Fame stadium in high school and in college.
  • Since being hired at Brentwood and moving to Tennessee in 2018, I’ve gotten engaged, married, and had a baby.
  • I have never had a cup of coffee.